Senin, 11 November 2013

DrawBIZ your StartUp Consultant

DrawBIZ was founded by 6 young executives/entrepreneur that share the same passion to the concept of entrepreneurship and believe that their knowledge can added value to the development of entrepreneur in Indonesia. Met in MM UGM during entrepreneurship class MBA program they decide to establish DrawBIZ, an organization that will help starts up business turbo-charging their growth through an intensive coaching/business planning program.

Four services offered by DrawBIZ are as follows :
a)    Continuous coaching program

Is a coaching program that designed specifically to the need of our client in order to start and build their own business from “idea”. We divide the process activity into 3 (three) phases :

Phase 1 :
a.    Drawing up business of our client from his idea generation, consisting of :
  • Formulating Business Model Canvas
  • Exploring the vision
  • Business Plan organization
  • Prototyping
b.    Preparation to launch the business, consisting of :
  • Fund raising
  • Market understanding
  • Recruitment and training
c.    The execution of the business, consisting of :
  • Building SOP
  • Market opening
  • Business review
Phase 2 :
a.    Boosting up the business , consisting of :
  • Boosting up sales gimmick
  • Setting up operation management
  • Replicate and multiply, consisting of :
  • Documentation process
  • Opening the new market
c.    Organization building, consisting of :
  • Stabilizing the business process
  • Setting the remuneration scheme
  • Running the management control system

Phase 3 :

a.    Auto pilot, consisting of :
  • Managing sales
  • Managing communication flow
  • Programming the operation

b)    Fund raising

Is a process conducted in helping client to connect with the investor/s that may interested to make the client’s idea into a real deal by providing fund and financial support.

c)    In house training

Is a process of business coaching that will be delivered directly to the client place or office and have an engaging class session with some following topics :
  • Business model canvas
  • Business plan proposal
  • SOP/Business process creation
  • Salesmanship
  • Legal / Business law
  • Management control system
d)    Business mating

Is a match making program that uniting client and potential business partner.

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