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Report IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Tours Prof Manos M Tentzteris

A.  Lecture Information
Speaker                   : Prof Manos M Tentzteris
Title of presentation  : Inkjet-Printed Nanotechnology-Enabled Zero-Power Wireless Sensor Nodes for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and M2M Applications

B.  Venue and Participants
C.  Audience Participation/Response/Reception/Feedback

Prof. Manos presented the research on the implementation of 3D printing for developing zero power sensor network nodes. Some audiences have interested to know deeper about the lecturing as can be figured out from some questions that arised from the audience. Prof. Manos also presented the possibility to continue the study in Georgia Tech, USA. A great enthuasim was shown by the audience to know how to get those opportunity. In addition, Prof. Manos also had opportunity to make class-trip to see the orientation activity for new student. He also gave motivations for the new student to keep their confidence when they communicate with other people and to improve their teamwork skill.

Dr. I Wayan Mustika
Department of  Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Gadjah Mada University

Most of the attendees are non members and may be interested to join IEEE. Almost half of the academia coming from UMN are new students of Computer Engineering Department. Prof. Manos gave very good motivation for them by giving the new technology outlook. This motivation is very beneficial for the new student so that they are not giving up easily and keep focus on their engineering field.

The DLT audiences think that DLT is a good way to boost their knowledge in computer engineering field, get in touch with the expert, expanding the network, raising the student motivation and self-confident, giving the information on how the future looks like. Regarding on the topic, the selection of the topic according to academia attendees are correct and can be used as reference and support for the subject that they are studying.

I‘m personally and on behalf of UMN want to thank to Professor Manos Tentzeris for the invaluable sharing and the motivation boosting for our student. Thank you IEEE for very nice and useful program.

Kanisius Karyono, S.T., M.T.
Dean of  ICT Faculty
Multimedia Nusantara  University

The lecture topic was Inkjet-Printed Nanotechnology-enabled Wireless Communication and Sensing & Identification Modules for Internet of Things. The attendees found the lecture to be highly engaging and gave new insights on the advancement of the RFID technology.  These insights are very important as a reminder for students and faculty members alike that the field of electrical and electronics engineering have significant impacts on improving many aspects of our lives, from military to agriculture and health as mentioned by Prof. Tentzeris during the lecture. This will in turn motivate the audience to study and conduct researches to contribute to the field.

On behalf of the faculty members and students of the Electrical Engineering Department, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, I would like to thank to Prof.  Tentzeris for his invaluable lecture delivered in such a motivating and inspiring way.  We are hopeful that this Distinguished Lecture is one important step towards improving our education and research activities. We are looking forward to participate in future lecture series by IEEE Distinguished Lecturers.

Dr. A. Adya Pramudita
Head of Electrical & Engineering Dept.
Faculty of Engineering
Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

D.  Photos
Figure 1. Lecturing from Prof Manos M Tentzteris
in Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta
Figure 2. Photo session after Lecturing from Prof Manos M Tentzteris
In Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia Jakarta

Figure 3. Lecturing from Prof Manos M Tentzteris
in Multimedia Nusantara University, Tanggerang

Figure 4. Photo session at ApWiMob conference, Grand Inna Kuta, Bali

Figure 5. Photo session after Lecturing from Prof Manos M Tentzteris
in Udayana University Bali

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